Quality Control

CCBS have imported ISO9000 quality management system and obtained the certificate prior to other supplier in this industry. Make sure the quality system effective. We pay more attention to the quality control and environmental protection, also the employee’s care and responsibility to the society. We are planning to hire consultant help us to import SA8000 social responsibility management system.

Products Standard

CCBS is the vice president unit of Guangdong zipper chamber of commerce, setting CCBS products series standard (including metal zipper, nylon zipper and plastic-steel zipper) refer to the international certified zipper standard, such as BS3084, ASTM, DIN3416, JIS3015 etc. The standard of CCBS is much higher than the standard that QBT2171-2173 and some parts requested in the international standard in China. The zipper manufactured by CCBS can meet even exceed the vast majority of customers quality requirement.

Testing Center

CCBS have configured all kinds of advanced zipper experiment and test equipments refer to ITS, monitored the whole process of raw material, production and finished products, all indexes of our zipper can meet even exceed costumers’ requirements. We are one enterprise implementing the whole process of experiment and testing during production line.

The experiment and test including below:

  1. Detecting the precision of mold and equipment accessories, and the structure of metallic crystal;
  2. Testing the chemical composition content, heavy metal content, physical properties and crystal structure of raw material, such as alloy, macromolecular compound and paint, to ensure every index of raw material meeting the standard of zipper industry.
  3. Detecting the physical properties of products and production process, testing color fastness to ensure the whole production process meeting costumers’ requirement.